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Aerospace Inspections

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

High frequency sound energy is used for flaw detection and evaluation. Often used for testing metallic, plastic, and composite materials.

7 - UT A Scan.JPG

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

An advanced method of ultrasonic testing that allows more control of the beam, resulting in the ability to detect flaws in more complex geometry.

8 - PAUT EDM.png

Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Utilizes electromagnetic induction to detect surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

9 - LMS100 Inspection Development.JPG

Penetrant Testing (PT)

Basic NDT method used to detect indications open to the surface however part cleanliness is key to an effective inspection.

PT Photo.jpg

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

The magnetic particle method can detect both surface and subsurface indications and is used for inspection on ferromagnetic parts.

MT Crack.jpg

Visual Inspection (VT)

Our highly-trained technicians visually inspect materials for defects. Often used in conjunction with one or more of the above NDT methods.


Robotic Inspection

We develop advanced autonomous robotic technology that allows for precise testing of areas difficult for technicians to reach.

Aerospace 1.jpg

Case Studies

Aft Terminal Support Fitting Inspection

Veracity utilized linear phased array testing methods to discover flaws in this aft terminal support fitting during an in-lab inspection. This avoided a potential failure of the support fitting and resulted in the client replacing the defective component.

1 - Aft Rear Spar Terminal Fitting.jpg

US Army Helicopter Rotor Blade Inspection

Veracity technicians used linear phased array testing methods during an on-site inspection to reveal defects in the surface of the rotor blade. This resulted in the US Army repairing/replacing the defective blades.

5 - Rotor Blade Inspection.jpg

Sikorsky Production H53-K Inspection

Veracity tested and proofed a vendor approved phased array ultrasonic technique to inspect components during the quality inspection process of manufacturing. Indications were detected at critical steps of production and saved the customer excessive shipping costs to send to an off-site inspection provider.

Sikorsky H53 Cal.jpg

KC-153 Corrosion Mapping

In cooperation with a major robotics manufacturer, Veracity custom built a scanner that detects, encodes and maps out wing corrosion problem areas on the Boeing KC-135 tanker aircraft. This effort resulted in an improved inspection process and reduced time for data analysis.

2 - Corrosion Mapping.jpg


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