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Trident Next Gen Services


Offers customized solutions that provide faster, better, and more cost effective inspections to its customers.

Single source for RVI, NDE, Heat Exchanger Maintenance & FOSAR, Project Management & Engineering

Trident Power Support Services
a sister company to Trident Next Gen Services, provides industry leading FME and FOSAR support services.
Trident’s focus is to provide next level services that assist in plant integrity and performance. Trident Power’s approach to Foreign Material prevention is to implement strategies for debris challenges that could potentially affect fuel integrity with pre-outage readiness planning, site specific prevention programs, and prompt resolution to any unexpected conditions or problems. We provide a highly trained, dependable, consistent, and independent Foreign Material Exclusion accountability team to complete both planned and unplanned plant activities.

Trident LAS  is focused on delivering the most efficient surface cleaning process available. From the latest in Laser  leaning technology to traditional methods. Laser cleaning of non-hazardous and hazardous material is an immediate and environmentally friendly process