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EOL/LTE Inspections

Since 2006, Veracity is the leader in high fidelity volumetric examinations

offer our years of experience in providing End of Life (EOL) and Lifetime Extension (LTE) inspections utilizing leading-edge technologies in the non-destructive evaluation of rotors.

From traditional methods to innovative, high-resolution imaging, Veracity can select and apply the detection method that best fits our clients’ needs. Our portable equipment and multiple locations allows us to easily mobilize to sites worldwide for on-site inspections.

Services & Capabilities

High Fidelity UT Phased Array Inspections

Veracity offers the highest fidelity Phased Array Inspections in the Industry.  The proprietary Phased Array System ensures the highest Probability of Detection (POD) in the industry.


Bolt Hole Eddy Current Inspection

Veracity's proprietary Bolt Hole Scanner ensures that no flaw goes undetected.


Disk Serration Eddy Current Inspection

Custom made probes are designed to provide rapid inspection while keeping costs down.


3D Modeling

UT Tomographic Modeling has revolutionized the ability to characterize flaws for failure analysis.

17 - 3D Modeling.jpg

Mapping of Indications

With direct flaw mapping the models can be run to determine operational risk.

16 - LTE indications_edited.jpg

On-Site or In-shop Offerings

EOL/LTE/RLA offerings can be performed in the shops or in the field.

23 - Frame 5 Distance Piece Phased Array Inspection.JPG

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

An advanced method of ultrasonic testing that allows more control of the beam, resulting in the ability to detect flaws in more challenging objects.

PAUT Honeycomb.jpg

Advanced Eddy Current Inspection

Utilizes electromagnetic induction to detect surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

21 - ET Photo_1.jpg

Frame Offerings

Veracity is able to evaluate a range of frames including:

>General Electric

>Siemens/V Frame


Frame 5 Rotor Fwd to Aft View.JPG
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