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Veracity Technology Solutions Receives 2020 "Hire Vets" Gold Medallion Award

Veracity Technology Solutions has been recognized by the Department of Labor for its continuous focused effort to hire and develop our nations Veterans. According to Kevin McKinley, Air Force Retired Veteran and President of Veracity Technology Solutions, “Our focus here at Veracity is to develop the most professional, competent, and technically capable Nondestructive Inspection Team in the Aviation and Utility industries. We have intentionally hand-selected the “best of the best” from the Department of Defense, to build a solid foundation with our management staff and our dedicated inspection team. I know the values that our team have imbedded within themselves; and with 100% certainty, I know that I have established the right team to perform our current mission. On this Veterans day, I truly am humbled, honored, and thankful for this award presented by the US Secretary of Labor, Eugene Scalia, and the Hire Vets program.”

Over 70% of Veracity’s staff are military veterans; who choose to continue to serve the critical infrastructure of our Nation’s utility industry, without slowing down, even during these COVID challenging times.

To learn more about the Hire Vets Program visit

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