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Veracity Develops Inspection Protocol to Mitigate Risk from Pitting on Compressor Airfoils

Compressor airfoils, made of Martensitic alloys, such as C403 and C450, are sensitive to pitting corrosion in chloride rich environments. These pits can become stress risers, that when combined with other causal factors such as vane lock-up, cyclic operations, and clashing, could lead to catastrophic failure of the airfoil.

To mitigate this risk, Veracity has developed a customized enhanced inspection protocol to provide better interim and outage inspection options to detect, identify, and quantify these corrosion pitting discontinuities.

“By utilizing Advanced Eddy Current Array and Proprietary Phased Array Ultrasonics, we give the inspector the best probability of detection possible to reduce operational risk.” Stated Kevin McKinley, President of Veracity Technology Solutions.

Veracity recently presented information about this topic at the 7EA Users group and will also be presenting the information at the Fall CTOTF Conference in Reno on the 14th of September. If you missed the 7EA conference or are unable to attend the CTOTF conference, you can find out more information by contacting us at or go to our PG Capabilities page to learn more.

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