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Power Generation

Power Generation

Since 2006, veracity has been providing NDE inspections globally to the power generation industry

Our proven technology and experience continue to exceed OEM inspection requirements while still maintaining schedule and quality expectations.

Our highly skilled ASNT Level II and Level III technicians utilize leading edge technologies unique to the industry. From traditional methods to innovative inspection techniques, Veracity can select and apply the best detection method that also fits our clients' needs. Our technicians are certified in PT/MT/UT/ET and are strategically located at US locations for mobilization worldwide.

Gas turbine Services

Units we service

GE: Frames 3,5,6,7B,7E,7EA,7F,7FA,9F,9FA

Siemens: 251, 501D5, 501F, 501G, V64.3A, V84.2, V84.3A, V94.2, V94.2A, V94.3A 

Mitsubishi:M501D/M701D,M501F/M701F,M501G/M701G, M501GAC, M501J 


Borescope Inspections

Veracity is a full service Borescope Inspection which has over 15 years experience borescoping all Gas Turbine Frames

Veracity provides services direct to utilities, to 3rd party Maintenance providers and the OEM

BSI Measurement1.jpg.png

Outage Support

At your next combustor inspection, hot gas path or major, use Veracity's advanced NDE services to inspect your components.  Contact us today for a quote specific to your frame type.  Typical inspection points on all frames include:

>Airfoil Eddy current -
Rotating and stationary

Completed during a case off inspection, all rotating and stationary blades can be inspected for cracks in one shift.

27 - 7F Rotor Fwd to Aft View (2).JPG

>Turbine disc inspection

This inspection is completed during after removal of turbine rotating components and can be completed in under one shift.

PG Turbine Disc Inspection.jpg


Completed on thrust bearing pads and journal bearings.  This ultrasonic and penetrant inspection verifies babbitt material is bonded properly to bearing housing.  Penetrant inspection is completed to detect cracking in the babbitt material on the bearing faces.

1 - PT Inspection of Thrust Bearing Pads.JPG


Veracity can develop customized inspection protocols to meet customers' needs or even exceed OEM requirements.  Examples of these inspections are:

>Turbine Wheel inspection

21 - ET Photo_1.jpg

>Aft Compressor dovetail inspection

Aft Compressor 1971 1972.jpg

>7E/7EA S1 Inspection

22 - S1 044 size indication_edited.png

>Stage 1-2 Spacer Wheel Rim UTPA Inspection

A FWD.jpg

>Stage 3 Bucket Inspection

26 - S3B Indication.JPG

Steam Turbine Services

L-0 Inspections

Eddy Current and fluorescent penetrant inspection to detect airfoil cracking and corrosion pitting.

11 - L-0 Blades.JPG

Blade Molds

Surface mold replication collection and analysis of the airfoil pitting depth caused from erosion.


Outage Support

From valve seats, weld repairs and piping inspections, Veracity can support your steam turbine minor and major inspection.

10 - Intercept Valve.JPG

Generator/Balance of plant services

Generator Retaining Ring Inspections

Veracity developed an UT/ET vehicle that can travel the circumference of the generator retaining ring and inspect for stress corrosion cracking. Over 18,000 ultrasonic images are collected and data can be then rendered into a 3D model for further evaluation.


Generator Blower Blade Inspections

During your next generator outage, Veracity can eddy current inspect the airfoil and root areas of your generator blower blades.

13 - Blower Blade.jpg

Valve/Piping Inspections

Veracity has the experience to inspect a wide variety of valves and piping along with your gas turbine outage needs.

20 - BOP Piping.JPG

Inspection Updates

7F Compressor R-0 R-1 Inspection Update

There is new OEM guidance for the GE F Class Fleet concerning the nondestructive inspection requirements of the R-0 and R-1 compressor blade dovetails.  Although this inspection is not new, the requirement to inspect the components at the next available outage is an update to the OEM recommendations.  The misconception is, that if your R-0 blades have the enhanced undercut design, then the OEM recommendations have been satisfied.


Unless the airfoils have been upgraded with undercut R-1 compressor blades, the risk for blade liberation is still present according to the OEM guidance.

To mitigate this risk, the recommendation is to inspect those affected blades at the next scheduled outage. Veracity performs these inspections in tandem with our borescope inspections.

Veracity’s proprietary UTPA technology allows for the highest probability of detection in the industry which mitigates your risk at the first sign of a defect. In the fall of 2020, Veracity detected a R-1 crack in the dovetail that was near the liberation stage thus preventing a failure of the component.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule your next inspection.

R-1 Crack.jpg


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